Friday, April 24, 2009


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Dear Neighbors and kinfolk:

'Afore we git started on the next round 'a cypherin', I reckon we should commence to solvin' the old problems what's got our knickers in a twist and got us all cattywampussed up. What in tarnation am I a'sayin'?

1. How many ways can you arrange four blocks in a vertical column? 24 ways (4x3x2x1).

2. What portion of the human brain is thought to be the oldest (the most primitive)? The brain stem stem could be called the "primitive part of the brain" because it was the first brain structure to evolve, and is responsible for our basic vital functions like breathing and heartbeat. The "reptilian" brain, or the brain stem regions (the medulla & cerebellum) are the most primitive. They control things that are not really voluntary. This is why brain stem injuries can lead to such devastating physical handicaps while a the person is still able to think clearly.

3. How many letter "i" s are in the two-word expression, "eyes only"? None.

4. What is the literal translation of the word DINOSAUR? "Thunder Lizard," from the Latin.

5. How many different combinations of American coins can be added together which will equal thirty one cents? A whole bunch, considering that you can use any combination of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies...for example, a quarter plus a nickel plus a penny = 31 cents...but so does two dimes plus two nickels plus a penny....or even thirty one pennies...TAKE SOME MORE TIME WITH THIS ONE. Perhaps there is a formula.

6. What is wrong with the expression, "You can't have your cake and eat it too." ? It is backwards. It should be, "You can't eat your cake and have it too." Why? Because you can still eat a cake that you have, but you cannot have (outside of your body) a cake that you have already consumed.

7. What is wrong with the expression, "He's adding insult to injury." ? Nothing, per se. The order of the words injury and insult in the statement work either way.

8. What is wrong with the expression, "Birds of a feather flock together." ? Nothing, except that my mother used to say it all of the time about the kids that I would choose to hang around with.

9. What is the official language of the United Nations?10. What is the English translation of the latin expression "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM"? This expression is on every $1 bill. "New World Order," from the Latin.

11. What is the difference in meaning between the words SCRIPT and SCRIP? Script is either an informal form of writing, or b) the written lines to be recited by an actor when playing a role. Scrip is either a) a short form of the word "perscription," b) valueless ("fiat") currency, or c) coupons redeemable at a merchant's establishment.

12. What is the difference in meaning between the words ASSENT and ASCENT? Assent means an agreement or accord, while ascent means a "rising higher."

13. Assuming that nothing else is changed, if your arteries and veins were wider, would your blood pressure go up or down? Why. Your blood pressure would likely decrease as your heart would not have to work quite as heard to pump fluid through smaller (or more congested) tubes. This is why having clogged arteries can cause your blood pressure to rise and put a strain on your heart.


And now, for some homework...

Here is some interesting reading and some listening, as well: (click on any of the free music downloads -- some of them are very psychically, emotionally and psychologically stimulating).

Lastly: Please scroll up to the VIDEO PAVILLION, click on any meditation tape, and watch it. It is worth the investment of time.


Douglas Castle

p.s. Everybody always expects something special at the p.s. section.

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