Thursday, February 25, 2010

There's No "F" in Broccoli, and other tales involving intellectually challenged persons.

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They’re Always Entertaining.

Dear Friends:

I am a staunch proponent of free speech as it was, some time ago, actually protected by the United States Constitution. It’s a delightful irony when some spammer or misguided soul posts an irrelevant or downright indecipherable comment on one of my blog posts for my consideration – it is at those times when I realize that the right to exercise “free speech” is sometimes actually interpreted by some to be synonymous with the right to promote “valueless speech,” which is something slightly different.

Here’s a great one that appeared in my inbox today regarding a post which I made on one of my old, inactive blogs. Before you read it, open a window, get a box of tissues and sit down in a comfortable chair.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Public Service Announcement: HEALTHCARE-ASSOCIATED...":

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If I were a mean-spirited fellow, which I am not, I would probably say something like, “The person who left that comment would probably sit down in a hardware store and order a corned beef sandwich.” But I won’t.


Douglas Castle
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