Sunday, January 15, 2012

Keeping Those New Year's Resolutions?

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We've had more than enough time to start re-evaluating those New Year's Resolutions. This might be a good time to determine which to keep, which to toss, and how to stay on course with the ones which are truly self-motivated and rooted in our own desires for self-improvement and greater happiness.

The article excerpt which follows appears courtesy of BigThink's Daily IdeaFeed, a wonderful source of information on virtually everything of interest to intelligent, thoughtful persons. There...I've just paid you a subtle, subliminal compliment! Read on, then click the "BACK" button on your browser and come back home to your new country... Cerebrainia*
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Why You Won't Keep Your New Year's Resolutions
By the end of January, a third of everyone who has made a New Year's resolution
will have stopped.
By July, more than half will lapse. But knowing why could keep you on the right track.


Without going into a ridiculous wealth of detail and burdening you with the obvious, some of the principal reasons that we fail to "live up" to our New Year's resolutions are summarily listed here:

1) We psychologically frame them on "deprivation," "anticipated unpleasantness," "excessive efforting." Naturally, our subsconscious programs us for failure from the very negative beginnings of these thoughts;

2) We do not engage in any serious, repetitive positive visualization of the wonderful results we seek -- we just bemoan the effort and picture the sacrifices required to get there;

3) We are unrealistic in the goals we set, and the time frames involved in achieving them -- or worse, we don't set clear incremental goals and definitive time frames within which to achieve them;

4) We make "all or nothing at all" resolutions which set us up for immediate disappointment, discouragement, and abandonment of the effort altogether;

5) We make resolutions to please others, as opposed to making resolutions where we personally will derive a direct benefit. These "third-party focused" resolutions are entered into with more than a hint of resentment, dooming us to failure.

There will be more about this later. In fact, I'll help you to keep those New Year's resolutions (at least the ones which are founded in a legitimate, reasonable self-improvement objective) through sharing a series of relaxing and surprisingly effective subliminal self-programming tapes with you. These tapes which employ binaural beats and positively framed generic suggestions, can be listened to through your binaural headphones or directly through your speakers -- either way, you'll find them soothing and beneficial. Please stay tuned, my fellow (and lady) Brainistas!*

Don't touch that remote!

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