Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Your Perception Of Physics: ALTERED - Watch This Video

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Perception IS Reality - as we experience it.

The video which follows (which involves some forces applied to a simple, commonplace mixture of cornstarch and water) may alter your perception of physical reality as you've been conditioned to understand/expect it. I find it useful for several reasons:

1) It opens the mind to accept that it has been brainwashed or conditioned;

2) It creates and increased hunger for learning;

3) It forces us to question many of our own accepted truths, and has the added psychic/psychological bonus of making us detach from ourselves and our ordinary robotic thinking to instead stand outside of ourselves and view ourselves from a more objective, analytic perspective.

You'll enjoy this video tremendously. Just click on the link for instant transport.


See you very soon.

Douglas E Castle for The Braintenance Blog and for The Deeper Consciousness And Altered States Blog.

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