Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Raise Your IQ: View Art.

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On a serious note, dear fans of The Braintenance Blog, observing art -- truly taking the time to examine paintings and other still visual forms of artistic creation -- can and does increase your IQ, as that is conventionally measured.

In the seemingly passive act of observing, we actually call into play numerous elements of spacial reasoning, cause and effect logic (and a search for meaning), identification of multiple symbols, spontaneous re-interpretations of the subject matter on the canvas (or other medium) at which we're looking, eye-mind area stimulation and neuronal connectivity... and numerous others.

It is quite ironic that in the simple act of viewing a painting, so many active excitations of both hemispheres of the brain (working in communication and a kind of cooperative harmony) are taking place.

For more on this topic, please have a look at my other blog, The Daily Dose Of Brilliance, and read the article which follows...then, click on the back arrow and come back to visit with us a bit more. I assure you that you will be captivated by the work of art on display there on my blog's cyberspace wall. You'll react.

Did you know that you can increase your IQ and creative ability just by looking at a work of art?

Numerous studies in Europe, while not thoroughly conclusive, have scientists believing that viewing art can also have the following salubrious advantages:
Q: If we generalize and extrapolate this principle of passive psychoactivation visually, might it be possible that certain of our abilities may be enhanced merely by the seemingly passive act of listening to different types of music? I wonder...

Thank you, as always, for reading me... and for stretching your mind a bit further every time that we're together.

Douglas E. Castle

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  1. Check out the Cleveland artist being hailed as the daVinci of this, the digital age, Marc Breed. Creator of the psychedelic peace symbol, male exotic dance pioneer, filmmaker to two of the highest grossing adult films of all-time, civil and first amendment rights advocate, and if that weren't enough, he readily admits to having escaped from one of America's most secure prisons (his golem remains in the prisons archive).And to boot, he has a testedI.Q. Of 152


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