Friday, November 21, 2014

Better Vocabulary = More Powerful Intellect

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We tend to think in pictures, but we describe those images in words. The better our vocabularies, the better our ability to express what we are picturing, and the more persuasive that we can be. But were you aware that by increasing your vocabulary, you also increase you mind's ability to visualize, conceptualize and think coherently?

That is correct. The better and more extensive your vocabulary, the more creative your imagination and the sharper your intellect!

My suggestion for taking command of a newly-learned vocabulary word is entailed in the following simple steps:

1) Learn the word (at least one new one per day), and use it in several sentences uttered to yourself
, even if this feels a bit unnatural, or forced at first;

2) Close your eyes, and write the word ten times on the blackboard of your mind;

3) Use the word at least three times the next day in conversations with others.

For today, you might just look up the true meanings of the often confused and abused terms "notoriety," "noteworthy," "stealth," "lucrative" and "opulent."

Remember, more vocabulary, better mental pictures, better neural plasticity, less propensity toward dementia and, of course, higher Scrabble scores.

Douglas E. Castle for BRAINTENANCE

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