Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Power In Your Words - Braintenance - Douglas E. Castle

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There is indeed a world of difference between saying "We're trying to..." and "We're going to...".

The first one inherently provides for a possible failure, while the second is a completely and unconditionally positive statement.

The most important thing is that we understand that we reinforce our thinking by listening to our own words -- in fact, we can't avoid hearing ourselves. We are always told to think positively [and many of our Braintenance readers are already using positive future visualization and other 'conscious' approaches to accessing the Law Of Attraction], but we are not reminded frequently enough to speak positively.

The takeaway from this quick article is that we listen to our own words, and talk ourselves into things. If we're going to speak, let's be certain to speak positively to reinforce positive thinking.

It's all in the words. And words are very, very powerful.

As always, thank you for reading me.

Douglas E. Castle for The Braintenance Blog

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