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The Nature Of Mind - BRAINTENANCE - Douglas E. Castle

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Thinking about abstractions and examining cause-and-effect relationships are an integral part of intelligence strengthening. The more you utilize your introspective imagination, the greater your ability to conceptualize and to be creative. The mere notion of thinking about the nature of your mind, and of consciousness itself is a wonderful Braintenance exercise.  Give these questions some thought. Some of them require that you think about thinking -- a kind of recursive, "fractal logic":

Have you ever wondered about the nature of your mind? Is the mind separate from the brain or is the thinking, working mind merely a manifestation of the biological brain's self realization?

Do we imagine the existence of our minds?

Does the mind animate the brain? Or does the brain animate (or generate) the mind?

Are the brain and the mind somehow symbionts? Can one exist without the other? If the brain dies, does the mind die automatically?

Can consciousness, as we understand it, exist independent of biology?

Is the phenomenon of mental telepathy real? Is the phenomenon, when it seems to occur, a function of trained superconscious intuition or is it truly shared consciousness? Can we truly broadcast our thoughts and receive the thoughts of others?

Do our thoughts take on substance and live on independently of us? Do such entities as thoughtforms truly exist?

Is there truly a collective consciousness? If so, does it have embedded within it the thoughts of those long deceased? What is its origin (from where or what is it generated)? Does each of us contribute to it? Can any one of us access or "tap into" it? If so, how?

How are the subconscious, the conscious and the super conscious (intuitive) minds interconnected?

Are our minds a projection of someone else's thoughts or consciousness?

Is the mind truly located within the brain? Can the mind migrate and travel outside of the brain? Are astral projection, out-of-body and near-death-experiences genuine, or they more simply explained as a consequence of the chemistry of the brain?

Lastly, how often do you think about thinking?

The above photo bears no relevance to the subject matter of this article. Irrelevance is sometimes an intellectual virtue.


Thank you, as always for reading me.

Douglas E. Castle for The Braintenance Blog

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