Friday, June 5, 2015

Build Your Brainpower By Confusion -- Douglas E. Castle - Braintenance

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In Braintenance, confusion is the magic which creates new neurological pathways, greater plasticity, and enhanced creative skills. The brain and mind are strengthened in the same fashion as the bodybuilder builds and defines new muscle -- by changing the workout regimen to "shock" the body into over-compensation. The mental exercises which follow are gearing toward forcing you to think (and problem-solve) in a different manner than you usually do by changing the entire problem-solving scenario.

Want to strengthen your mind? of course you do. Simply find the missing numbers or letters in each of the following sequences. You'll notice that you are not trying to find the next number or letter in each sequence (as you are accustomed to doing) -- you are being asked to think interpolatively instead of extrapolatively:

1)   A C _ D C E D _ E G

2)   _ 4 9 _ 25 _ 49

3)   2 4 _ _ 10 _ 14

4)   P_S_ENG_RS  O_  A  T_AIN

5)   _ 3 _ 7 _ 13 17 19 23 _ 31

Thank you, as always, for reading me.

Douglas E. Castle

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BRAINTENANCE: Train, Strain And Improve Your Brain. Expand Your Mind.

Braintenance contains articles, resources, exercises, games and specially-designed protocols to improve the power of your brain and your mind in every significant aspect, including memory, cognition, IQ, plasticity, creativity and problem-solving ability.

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