Wednesday, January 7, 2009


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Dear Friends:

Today's quiz is quite simple:

1. Bob and Ray are brothers. Bob is younger.
2. They are 4 years apart in terms of their respective ages.
3. Their combined ages, in three years, will be 24.
4. The product (by multiplication) of their ages in three years will be 140.

Q: What is Ray's age now? What is Bob's age now?


Douglas Castle
If you would like the answers to the last quiz, you will have to avail yourself of a dictionary. By the way, the word most often used improperly is "notoriety." It does not mean "fame" means "to be known for ill deeds, to be maligned, the state of being notorious". When your buddy says, "I want to make a hit record and achieve notoriety", he or she is misusing the term, unless the hit record is going to be very controversial or of poor quality.


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