Monday, December 28, 2009

Braintenance: Never Tell Your Adversaries What You're Planning To Do.

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I'll try to avoid being political. This brief observation concerns itself more with basic human behavioral psychology than it does with politics, banking or the economy at large. This is truly food for thought: Always think before you speak. And when you are addressing a prospective or existing adversary or enemy, apply a common-sense use of the knowledge of behavioral psychology to anticipate their likely response. If you do these things, you can avoid a great many errors along the pathway to your personal success... Here's the article...

Never Tell Your Adversaries What You're Planning To Do:
A Foolish Move On The Part Of The US President.

Dear Friends:

Not too long ago, President Barack Obama and the current US presidential administration announced to the entire banking community that "there will be serious reforms enacted in the consumer credit industry to stop the abuse of the public by credit card lenders." A loudly telegraphed threat, taken by its targets as 1) a helpful warning to give them time to prepare their defenses, and 2) an opportunity to exponentially increase the scale, audacity and variety of abusive charges, sudden interest rate hikes, credit line reductions, fees for every "offense" (real or imagined) and destroyed consumer credit reports. In brief, the banks saw this as a (wink wink) hint to go hog wild at the expense of the consumers and to profiteer to the greatest extent imaginable. Without delay, compunction or conscience, these parasitic plastic panderers proceeded to profit at the expense of the already distressed masses of credit card victims.

Thanks to a well-intended but somewhat unsophisticated Mr. Barck Obama, the banks are stealing enough in fee income from credit card holders that they can pay back their Tarp obligations, raise the salaries of the money gluttons up to (and beyond) their historic maximums, and continue to buy government debt instruments without extending new credit to businesses or consumers.

Consumers are being hurt more deeply by the banking sector and the credit card issuers than ever before. The President of the United States essentially declared it "open season" on the American population. And the consumers are suffering more abuse than ever since the invention of the credit card.

Loud, idle threats always backfire. And only a fool warns his enemies of his intentions to take action against them.

Is anybody listening? Take a look at your credit card statements and wake up. Mr. Obama should really consider investing some time in reading this column.


Douglas Castle

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