Tuesday, December 7, 2010

HEADLINES FROM HELL - And Why We All Love Them.

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headlines from HELL
HEADLINES FROM HELL - And Why We All Love Them.

Generally speaking, headlines are supposed to be brief and clever. A good news release writer will create headlines which contain one or more of the following attributes:

1. Mention a celebrity

2. Immediately generate outrage

3. Are sarcastic... biting in their tone

4. Are controversial

5. Arouse burning curiousity (Get out the Preparation H!) suspicion or fear

The following sample comes to us from Yahoo! News:

TODAY - December 05, 2010

Man checking oil in his driveway (thinkstock)

Six ways everyday wisdom can cost you

Changing your oil every 3,000 miles or leaving ceiling fans on can needlessly waste money.


If you have an interest in reading the the actual article, click on the following link: http://financiallyfit.yahoo.com/finance/article-111447-7590-3-6-ways-conventional-wisdom-wastes-money?ywaad=ad0035&nc .

Incidentally, the actual article Headline is "6 Ways Conventional Wisdom Wastes Money".

Clever -- an attack on my favorite cliche and oxymoron -- "Conventional Wisdom". People might get angry, but they sure get curious when a sacred cow is made into hamburger, a star plummets from grace or bedbugs are plotting to fight cockroaches in the fight to take over the world following the coming nuclear holocaust caused by a top secret elite agency of some government. We almost enjoy when are worst fears are acknowledged or confirmed: We may be scared as heck, but we can always say to our neighbors (Gladys Kravitz, Mrs. Manicotti, The Jeffersons or the Bunkers) "SEE! WE TOLD YOU SO!"


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