Monday, August 8, 2011

Oxymorons Abound. IQs: Running On Empty*.

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Oxymorons have engulfed civilization like a moth-bitten shroud. I had dinner with a friend several nights ago, and he asked "What the h*ll (he actually used "f**k!" but I don't have the audacity to put that in writing) is a 'Jobless Recovery' ?." As a trained economist (paper-trained at very least), I was being asked a real question -- not a rhetorical one. I replied, "It's political 'nonspeak' (an invented word or Lingovation) for a 'continued recession."

The question which we are always asking ourselves: "Is that an oxymoron, or is it just me?"

The following appeared on my Blogger screen this morning: 

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Need I say more?

Douglas E Castle

"Braintenance - Now More Than Ever!" -DC
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*Technically speaking, you cannot actually "run on empty." The person who can run on empty can easily exceed his maximum, as well. Could he also be [from a Nationwide Ad on TV] "The World's Greatest Salesperson In The World?"

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