Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Riddles Build Imagination, Visualization And Creativity

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A riddle is a word puzzle which is designed to challenge (i.e., exercise) your mind. You use memory, associative intelligence, logic, vocabulary, semantics and a variety of other skills, all in motion at the same time in order to "solve" a riddle. I'll provide you with some mind-expanding (and highly-entertaining) riddle links at the end of this post. You sharpen your intellectual and verbal skill sets (together! yes!) every time you work through one of these cunning conundrums [hey...isn't that alliteration he's using?].

Douglas E Castle (my third-person, holier-than-thou-sounding eponymous alter-ego) prescribes at least one to five good challenging repetitions ("brain crunches," if you're Jared DiCarmine, or some other rising star in the fitness guru firmament) daily.

Following are two horrific examples of genuinely groan-worthy mind-poppers {you may wish to have children and persons with cardiac conditions or a propensity toward seizures leave the room -- also, it may be advisable to keep a bucket handy}:

Q) What is the difference between a pregnant pause and a constipated silence?

A) The outcome.

Q) What has four wheels and flies?

A) A garbage truck.

I'll quit while I'm ahead...

Douglas E Castle

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