Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Passion And Prejudice: Motivators and Manipulators

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Passion and prejudice are two key aspects of Human behavior. They are two phenomena which are powerful motivators and manipulators. These two "P"s move us about like chess pieces on a board. We all possess both, and we're all aware, to some extent, that we do. Yet the strongest, most deeply-rooted of each of these, ironically, are the least visible to us. That is because we are so profoundly in their thrall that we believe that they are a part of us -- and we find it very difficult to separate ourselves from them and examine them from an outsider's perspective.

Both are drivers, either toward or away from things. At the risk of excessive alliteration (which carries a $50.00 fine and/or up to 5 years in jail in certain states), passion pulls us in, while prejudice seems to push us away. Both are contagious.

Braintenance Actions (Today): 

1.  Give some serious thought to how much these two variables routinely influence your decisions day to day, and to how they have shaped your life's path in the past [this last one is a tongue-twister];

2.  Which is the more powerful of the two in influencing your behavior?

3.  One of these variables is protective (defensive), while the other is risk-inducing (more dangerous). Which is which? The answer might strike you as ironic.

Think about the things that you are thinking, and what makes you think them. [ahem]. If you could be more consciously and critically observant of your actual thinking patterns and processes, might you do things differently?

If you could somehow perfect the difficult art of conscious thought (i.e., stepping "outside of yourself" and clinically observing how you think) would your life and your choices be better?


Douglas E Castle

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