Friday, July 22, 2011

Fill Your Mind With Positive Energy and Productive Exercise - Help Kick Depression Out.

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Your brain, and the the mind within/surrounding it requires stimulation and exercise to be a powerful friend instead of an insidous enemy.

The vacuum of the idle mind tends to fill up with self-doubts and negative reflection if we fail to focus it on positive work, i.e., problem-solving.

One of the best ways to cognitively (but indirectly) deal with situational and even clinical depression is to engage the mind in the exercise of productive thinking. Make friends with your Mind.

Following are two exercises. The first one is very simple if you know the formula (You do. Test your recall), and the second one requires pattern recognition, memorization (sustaining mental pictures) and just a bit of creativity.

Enjoy them both.


Douglas E Castle - TNNWC Group, LLC [Management Consulting Services]

#1 Big Sum

What is the sum of all the whole numbers from one to one million?


[Show a simple method to obtain this answer quickly.]

#2 The Alphabet

Pretend that an A is worth one cent, B is worth two cents, C is worth three cents, and so on.

1. How much is the whole alphabet worth?

2. What is the value of DECEMBER?

3. Find a word worth exactly one dollar.

[must be a word found in an English dictionary]


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