Monday, October 17, 2011

Analogies: Every Thought...Every Communication.

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We Humans (and all sentient creatures, In-Laws included) depend upon the recognition and creation of analogies for virtually every aspect of our thinking, understanding [learning], and communications. They are the smallest common denominator of 'cause and effect' logic and sending meaningful messages to others. The only smaller Messaging Unit or Thought Particle (both quasi-Lingovations) is the singular emotionally-charged word which triggers powerful multisensorial memories with seemingly instant associations.

An carefully-chosen analogy (i.e., one which clearly makes the point and which is appropriate to the probable prior experience - or context - of your audience) is one of the most efficient teaching tools.

Most "Aha!" moments and "NOW I get it!" exclamations follow analogies which hit the spot.

In building your brain power, you will undoubtedly want to include analogy quizzes in your Braintenance exercise regimen.

In fact, I might just offer you several analogy puzzlers with my next post.

Douglas E Castle []

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