Thursday, October 20, 2011

Analogies - The Smallest Thought Units

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Analogies are the tiniest components of thoughts and communications. Constructing good analogies is a skill. Seeing the logic in partial analogies presented to you (i.e., where a term is missing) builds your associative intelligence, pattern recognition skills, cause and effect reasoning and your verbal acuity. Analogies are mental muscle builders.

Here are several simple ones to give you a small jolt of electromagnetic and biochemical stimulation today. Enjoy them!

Fill in each blank with the best possible answer.

1. Century is to __________ as dollar is to dime.

2. __________ is to bottom as up is to down.

3.Hawk is to _____________ as war is to peace.

4. Cat is to kitten as lion is to ______________.

5. Tree is to forest as star is to _____________.

6. _____________ is to stage as chemist is to laboratory.

7. Inventor is to Edison as _________________ is to Columbus.

8. China is to __________ as Canada is to North America.

9. __________ is to moon as day is to night.

10. Hand is to palm as foot is to ___________.

11. Pyramid is to square as cone is to ___________.

12. Bazaar is to bizarre as __________ is to kernel.

13. Star is to constellation as _________ is to sentence.

14. Complete is to __________ as rest is to relax.

15. Chapter is to novel as stanza is to ____________.

16. Water is to _________ as food is to eat.

17. Body is to skin as _________ is to bark.

18. Hero is to ______________ as sculptor is to sculptress.

19. Fast is to slow as fat is to __________.

20. Hat is head as _________ is to foot.

I'm not going to provide answers for you in a subsequent post. You might want to engage some of your friends and colleagues to review or to actually do some of these with you. If may just give you an excuse to socialize and get into discussions about deeper and more important issues.

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