Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Intuition: A Portal To BREAKTHROUGHS.

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Bnet's The Live1 Program features an interview with Francis Cholle, author of The Intuitive Compass. It is very significant to note that Cholle defines intuition as being the "bridge between reason and instinct." While I do not fully agree with his definition (I separate instinct and intuition as two separate abilities, emanating from two different sources), his observations are as applicable to real-world, real-time business as they are enlightening.

His observations account for the enormous success of some bold entrepreneurial enterprises, and his suggestions regarding brainstorming, 'play' and autonomy are worthy of incorporating in any business, project, or problem-solving task. Interestingly, his approach does not discard sound business judgment -- it simply integrates a much greater component of the "gut" feeling and the associative free flow of the individual mind's wandering.

Cholle, who has been exceptionally successful in his business career and is a seasoned business executive, offers some of the best insights I have heard regarding the preferred working environment, approach to business and lifestyle priorities of the Millenials. This is empowering information as generations increasingly mix in the workplace, and where Boomers and Millenials too often fail to understand each other. Greater understanding and mutual accommodation engenders greater productivity.

Two separate links follow for you to watch the interview. While the first is preferred, your equipment (I personally have a somewhat idiosyncratic system comprised of an ENIAC hooked up [with electrical tape and Crazy Glue] to a pre-CBS Fender Deluxe Reverb Amplifier and a food processor) might be more receptive to the second link. Both offer the same programming, but in slightly different formats:




Douglas E. Castle

Note: While this article originally was published by Douglas E. Castle in Braintenance, it will be either cross-posted or referenced in several of the author's other blogs. It has tremendous applicability to all aspects of Human activity, undertakings and advancement. Intuition is our birthright as Human Beings, and it should not only be treated as a gift, but it should be exercise and regarded with the utmost reverence and seriousness.

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