Friday, May 27, 2011

Creativity: Unlimited and Unleashed - But From Where?

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"Creativity is the spark which ignites and incites innovation, entrepreneurship, invention, scientific and social breakthroughs, the creation of great works and all of society's progress. To find the wellspring of creativity and to be able to access it at will is every thinker's dream." DC

Where do brilliant ideas come from? Those ideas which produce insights, breakthroughs and inspiration for inventors, entrepreneurs and leaders? For great Mathematicians and scientists? For Artists?

I have heard numerous references to the "Akashic Records," "Cosmic Consciousness," the "One Universal Mind," "Spirit Guides," "Guardian Angels," and "Masters." I have yet to endorse any of these individual terms, or the theories which underlie them, but I will admit that there is something there.

Perhaps the source of it is subconsciously internal (within us), or perhaps superconsciously internal (within us, but sparked by access to some giant, timeless outside body of knowledge and energy which we do not quite fully understand.

For the purposes of self-growth, professional achievement and business success, we are always looking for ways to tap into a reservior of creativity -- wherever and whatever it actually is. Some of us attempt to access this through groupthink and brainstorming sessions, meditation (transcendental, hypnotic, transmission, yoga, visualization, lucid dreaming, NLP, subliminal videos and tapes, listening to Mozart and the like) or other techniques.

What does matter is that we keep our minds open to some of these amazing possibilities -- perhaps we should even experiment with a variety of them to "open the door" to inspiration and energies that ordinarily seem elusive to us. I would urge you to experiment in the laboratory of your life.

In BRAINTENANCE, ENTREPRENEURIAL ADVICE AND INSIGHTS, REASON OUT OF RANDOMNESS and in numerous of my other blogs I have alluded to this...

Inventors, Entrepreneurs and Leaders: The Ultimate Creative Resource

On this subject, I received the following email today with an embedded video about celebrated author Napoleon Hill and one of his "secrets."

I do not endorse the producers of the newsletters or the video, either in terms of agenda, philosophy, content or product, but I definitely recommend that you give the brief letter and the video some serious consideration:
Back in 1937, a man by the name of Napoleon Hill pissed off a lot
of people.
The source of this consternation was his book called 'Think and
Grow Rich'.
In this book was a mental visualization technique that Hill himself
was hesitant to even reveal - and that his publisher was this close
to axing, for fear of public backlash.
It was called the 'Invisible Counselor' technique.
What exactly is it?
Hill describes it as a visualization exercise that allows you to tap
into the imaginary minds of anyone living or dead, to source ideas
and inspiration.
Which means you could use it to have a chat with Gandhi. A coffee with
Churchill. Or a meeting with Socrates.
Weird? Fascinating? Impossible? You decide - check out this video:
I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on the matter, if you would simply return to this page after watching this thought-provoking video abou the author of Think And Grow Rich.
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