Sunday, May 22, 2011

Business And Social Leadership Choices - Team Selection and Teamwork

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Dear Braintenance Buffs, Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders, Community Activists, TNNWC Members, Douglas E. Castle Followers (I Love You, yes - I Do), managers, and professional athletic coaches:

Teams exist because of the potential for complementarity and synergy. Finding, organizing and leading good team members as a cohesive group focused toward a common or shared objective --- these are challenges.

I've identified several of the challenges. This is NOT a survey. Just take a look at the components of team-building and team-working and determine the following things:

1. Which are the most important challenges to meet? (rank them)

2. Which are the most difficult challenges to meet? (rank them)

3. Which are the challenges which consume the most time? (rank them)

4. Which are the challenges which scuttle or sidetrack most team efforts? (identify them)

5. Given a choice, would you rather work with a small team of extraordinarily talented people, or a larger, more diverse team of people who are looking for (i.e., very responsive to) leadership? (this will tell you a great deal about your self-perception, and what type of organization positions you would be best suited for...)

There are no "yes or no" or "right or wrong" answers. Or maybe there are, but I'm just not telling you...

Here are the challenges:

  • Finding the right members;
  • Selling the members on the principle of teamwork;
  • Assembling the team with each member to his or her greatest utility to the group;
  • Keeping the group focused on the target, and on the straight path;
  • Dealing with intragroup squabbles and arguments;
  • Dealing with hidden agendas and dishonesty (deliberate or unconsciously manifest);
  • Maintaining momentum;
  • Maintaining a universal positive mental attitude;
  • Keeping each member focused on his or her most critical team function;
  • Leading the team toward a goal;
  • Selling the team on the benefit to each and all of achieving your expressed goal;
  • Dealing with power struggles, insubordination and undermining or usurping your command;
  • Dealing with slow progress and distant rewards;
  • Keeping the team objective at the fore;
  • Getting honest feedback from each team member, as required;
  • Getting the attention of the team when confronted with crises, obstacles, fears, impediments, delays, disappointments and difficulties;
  • Keeping the team cohesive;
  • Showing members respect as individuals and as group participants;
  • Portraying and demonstrating strength as a leader;
  • Balancing between too much discipline and micromanagment (on the one hand), and too much individualism and independence (on the other);
  • Dealing with team m,embers who have customarily been leaders;
  • Dealing with team members who usually work alone (as in certain types of technical specialists);
  • Exerting admonishment and discipline as and if needed;
  • Providing compliments and a show of gratitude when warranted;
There are many others, too. Give this some thought. After all, each of us is a leader, and each of us is a follower...and at some point, each of must operate, in some capacity as a team player.

Good luck,

Douglas Castle at http://www.LinkedIn/in/douglascastle  or

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