Saturday, May 14, 2011

Entrepreneurs and Leaders Of Growing Companies - REDUCE STRESS and ACCOMPLISH MORE.

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Entrepreneurs. Working 24/7. Focusing, but fighting distractions. Your mind needs to De-Stress, Re-Focus and Balance with these hypnotically seductive patterns.

You'll find them at the BRAINTENANCE BLOG -- click on . Scroll down until you get to Exercise Set #1. The patterns actually move (we give you instructions as to how to get them moving -- some folks in the focus group actually picked up their iPads and Notebooks and started twirling them around). Jeez.

Both BRAINTENANCE and RadioDAZZ (at were created by smart people (and they also invited me!) to encourage you to take multiple breaks during the day to re-charge your batteries, reduce your blood pressure, constructively distract yourself (with video tricks, brain gym games and exercises, and great music, too), give you a dose of alpha relaxation, spark your creative inspiration, get your mojo working (some people take medications for that, but we have something pretty darn good), and to let you have JOY and FUN. You might need to Google these last two bolded terms.

Both of these nifty Blogs are part of the TNNWC Blogosphere. If you are an entrepreneur, the leader of a growing company, the captain of an emerging enterprise, or a small biz wiz on the rapid road to getting much bigger, you should join us. Membership is free, and the benefits are absolutely stunning (I'm feeling faint already). Go to and just click on a button or other gizmo that says "JOIN US" or "BECOME A MEMBER". Don't press the red button that says "EJECT."

At TNNWC, we (experts, all) work hand-in-hand beside you to solve your problems and achieve your goals. We create the campaign, select the best tools, and then we roll up our sleeves and work with you on a personalized, highly-interactive and budget-sensitive basis. We don't sell you "off the shelf" solutions (which usually come with inadequate instructions), or hand you down lofty advice and walk away. We will become the best, most resourceful partner you'll ever have. You're not a victim, a mark, a sale or a customer -- you are our Client. You are the reason that we exist.

Our solutions are the most direct, scalable (for your company size and budget considerations) and results-oriented (real metrics, real measures, real expectations -- we deliver). Talk to us. We are about taking action and achieving outcomes.

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Douglas Castle, Chairman and CEO, TNNWC Group, LLC.

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