Monday, May 30, 2011

People Skills - Two Areas To Develop For Networking

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Leaders, Consultants, Coaches, Strategic Planners and Entrepreneurs - Your interpersonal skills (i.e., your ability to deal with others in various circumstances and contexts) and the broadness (breadth) of your knowledge base (your ability to speak about and identify with people across a vast spectrum of diverse interests) are a great deal more important than your technical skills or your native business acumen.

You must become a student (and eventually a master) at behavioral psychology (everyone you deal with will have emotional issues that you will have to either address head-on or to navigate around), and you must not be too specialized or captively focused in a narrow field of work or study, because you will be unable to relate to or converse with the larger network of people -- potential contacts, clients and friends -- that surrounds you. If you are too narrowly-focused, you tend to isolate yourself from many business and social opportunities for self-growth, professional growth and business growth. Yes -- you become a technical island drifiting away from the mainland of Humanity.

Diversify your inputs, your studies, your pursuits and broaden your horizons -- learn a little bit more about a great many things -- don't be afraid of becoming too much of a generalist, or expending your time on things unrelated to your immediate occupation.

The more you understand about the workings of people, and the more you know about a great of topics, the greater the probability of your having increasingly productive meetings with people in general. When you widen you circle, you multiply your possibilities.

Today, Braintenance Brings Thinkers, Tinkers, Thought-Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Initiators and Cantankerous Instigators (Some Of Whom are Members of TNNWC -- although I blush to say it) a knowledge base diversification and expansion program from none other than Dictionary.Com:

Try these:

Strange and Amusing Flashcards:

Bottom line: The more you know about people, and the broader your knowledge of things in general, the greater likelihood of your success in the game of life.
What the title of this post should have been:
Intellectual Diversification - Expand Your Networking Ability and Leadership Skills.

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