Saturday, June 4, 2011

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Entrepreneurship - The Riddle Of "Thinking Machines"

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The term "intelligence" is used in many contexts and defined in many ways; yet, no Human (scientists, entrepreneurs, psychologists and academicians of all types) has been able to come up with either a clear definition of the term, nor has there been a means of measurement created to measure it objectively for the purposes of evaluation.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Entrepreneurship - The Riddle Of "Thinking Machines"

At the outset, Humankind was trying to build a "smart machine" -- a robot to emulate himself (as creator and master) and to serve him. Now, you will notice that in movies, games and life, Humankind is trying to emulate the machine. We have put uniformity and conformity on a pedestal -- is if we have come to worship machines, with their predictability, conformity and strength in performing a multitude of tasks. As a society, we have changed or ideals from those of individuality, competitiveness and privacy to uniformity, subservience and the elimination of even a fair semblance of privacy. This societal paradigm shift may be encouraging and rewarding a dangerous trajectory.

If we idolize and become thoroughly immersed in creating machines (gizmos and gadgets ranging from programmed securities trading to mobile phone applications) to become more invested in improving machinery than in perfecting and evolving ourselves as Human Beings. I find this notion frightening.

We are investing more resources and hopes in devices than in Humanity - there is a trend here, and it points to the dominion of mechanics over complex, idiosyncratic Humanity. We are working on machines, and for machines. Who is to be the slave and who is to be the master?

The Braintenance question for your consideration: Are Human Beings surrendering the essence of their Humanity, their decision making capabilities, their unique and differentiating characteristics and their very essence in a bloodless coup of machines as masters, and Human Beings (for the time-being) as their babysitters, their maintainers and their slaves?


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