Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Entrepreneurs: Few Pyramid Schemes Truly Last - The Sustainability Issue.

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It is conventional wisdom (a Braintenance oxymoron) that ill-conceived Ponzi schemes, chain letter get-rich-quick schemes, and pyramid schemes, in general, eventually fall apart, leaving many disillusioned (and awfully angry) investors in their woeful wakes [alliteration, anyone?].

This is because these schemes do not create added value -- instead they are parasitic and unsustainable; they do not involve investing for growth and gain, except for the shorter-term selfish benefit of their devious promoters. They cannot last because they do not plant anything for regrowth or return.

Many seemingly-profitable businesses are actually generating unsustainable short-term profits by discarding Human Assets (they consider the salaries paid to these now unemployed individuals to be mere expenses) or economizing on investments that actually foster growth (they consider these investments to be costs). These businesses are depleters and they are ultimately destined to collapse. All of the bailouts and monetary printing presses in the world cannot and will not save them.

Nothing can save that which is either already extinct, or that which fails to contribute value and re-plant and replenish for the next season. You cannot kill your host or uyour home and get very far.

Very few pyramid schemes work, except for the one depicted above. That one has lasted for quite some time...perhaps that why we Americans call it "The Geezer." (Hold your applause, as well as your noses).

Even Accenture-bred pundit Eric Lowitt, Sustainability Architect, speaker and author of the breakthrough new book,"The Future Of Value" would undoubtedly be inclined to agree. He probably would not agree with the bad pun - I'll assume complete responsibility for that.


Douglas Castle
Braintenance Maintainer, and
Chairman and CEO

p.s. Sustainability, while not the theme of this post (I wanted to focus on the Giza - Geezer humor), is an interesting notion. It is at the core of every living organism, tribe, group, culture, nation and civilization. It is inherently efficient, scalable and architectuarally elegant. It is necessary aspect of every system's design, and of every organization's survival.

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