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You can solve any math problem if you know the formula (i.e., the proven shortcut to arriving at the answer without the need for giant chain calculations).

These formulas are like keys to unlocking the secrets of arithmetic and mathematical puzzles and riddles.

The tougher issues are those of knowing how to conduct a search (knowing the right search engine parameters to enter (hint: a Google search might be a good idea for your first pass at "asking a question" without asking a question) and finding the right formula to apply.

This process sharpens your mind in that it requires that you 1) identify the problem; 2) formulate a question; 3) construct an efficient search engine query; and 4) glance through at least a small number of sites or articles about the issue which you want to address.

Every one of these steps ratchets up a whole menu of cognitive skills to a higher level.

Solving the problem is merely the proverbial icing atop the cake [an inexcusably cheap metaphor, but it was better than "the last nugget squeezed atop the mountain," which I was told not to use as it might prove unsavory to my readers of delicate constitution and discerning taste.

Here are several quick problems which you can solve by merely asking using the problem/ question/ search query/ cursory reading approach described above:

A) What is the sum of the whole numbers from 1 to 5,000, inclusive?

B) What is the product of all of the whole numbers from 1 to 25, inclusive? {This number is often expressed as 25! or '25 factorial'}

C) What is the number (a constant) to ten decimal places obtained by dividing any circle by its diameter?

D)  How many Angstrom Units are there in twelve inches (one foot)?

E)  How many possible combinations of 3 partner groups can be created out of a total classroom of 30 students?

Make me proud! Wrinkle those brains! Expand those minds! Sharpen those skills!

Douglas E Castle for The Braintenance Blog

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