Wednesday, April 4, 2012

You Cannot Truly Win A Race Against Time - Thoughts And Quotes About Time.

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Several observations -- and do not look at your watch because you will be wasting valuable, irreplaceable time by the act of tracking it!

Since you've been kind enough to stay with me for this length of time, I will attempt to add some "party conversation starting quotation" value to this post, with a quote from my closest associate, Mr. Douglas E. Castle:

"Prepare for the future, because the present moment becomes history all too quickly."

More Quotes follow, invoking paradoxes or infinitely self-recursive statements which provoke deeper and more expansive thought. The Human Mind, when challenged by a concept that warrants analysis (actually "validation" or acceptable analogy).

"You cannot make up for lost time. No matter how expediently and ambitiously you accelerate the pace of your work, the unproductive present moment is permanently gone, except for its persistence in memory."

"You cannot change the speed of the passage of time -- but you can augment your perceptions, experiences and growth while it takes you on its course."

"Re-living the past, as it occurred, is merely an exercise in either self-flagellation or daydreaming. However, re-constructing various alternate versions of what you might have done alternatively is an exercise in preparing for the future, and a part of internal review essential to the learning process."

That is all for now. Except for this seeming clunker, which is actually a concentrated nugget of wisdom...

"By the time you have recited 'The Future Is Now' you will have witnessed its true essence."

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