Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mind To Mind Communication ... Brain To Brain Conversation

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We are fascinated by the notions of ESP (extrasensory perception), simultaneous breakthroughs or visions, brainwaves, mind reading, mind-linking and other phenomena involving the possibility and potentiality of direct interpersonal communications conducted mind-to-mind using either brainwaves or some "amplification" or "linking" technology.

Most of the confusion in our world is caused by the distortion of original message transmissions through excessive ambient noise, interruptions, and other sources and types of error which intervene between the message transmitter and the message recipient. If communication were done mind to mind (especially if this could be done in full sensorial signals), dishonesty and distortion would disappear, and exact meaning, intent and feeling could be conveyed unfettered.

The possibilities for simultaneous or synchronized action, multiple mind intelligence potential, teaching, learning, collaborating and stepping up the power of a participant's intellect by his or her being able to access this "mind cloud" at will would be significant enough to warrant being termed a quantum leap in the evolution of the Human species.

If the process could be turned on or off voluntarily by either or both parties (not unlike my Skype), we could conceal our thoughts and have very separate agendas. But if the process were turned on and kept on, the possibility of concealment or dishonesty would be small indeed. Opening up our minds to each other carries its share of positive and negative aspects.

One frightening possibility would be the possible sense of a loss of self, or of the "I' in our thinking. We could lose our identities as individual creatures, or we could become a world where former individuals function as do bees in a hive [remember the Star Trek episode where Picard encounters "Borg," a supposed collective mind which wants to "absorb his mind into its collective group consciousness. I reiterate that yesterday's science fiction is often tomorrow's science fact.

An entertaining and thought-provoking article follows from BigThink's Daily IdeaFeed Newsletter:

Brain-to-brain communication would involve not just the exchange of information, but also the transmission of emotions and feelings, "because these are also part of the fabric of our thoughts.". . . Read THE ENTIRE ARTICLE;

I am reasonably certain that The Braintenance Blog will have a great deal more to say about breakthroughs in the fields of the electromagnetism of the brain, brainwave and though transmission mechanisms and the bio- or neurochemical nature of thought.

Have you ever wondered how two people can: suddenly look at each other and have the same exact thought; come up with the same invention, vision or breakthrough despite the fact that they are on opposite sides of the Earth and have never communicated through conventional means; or how you can somehow "feel" when someone is staring at you, or "know" when something has happened to a loved one many miles away?

The study of these phenomena will, I believe lead us to the next great leap in the evolution of our species. I am slightly more excited than I am horrified at this prospect.

The big questions are these:

1) What will happen to my privacy, to the sanctuary of my own thoughts; and

2) Where will my individual identity end and another person's begin?

I am curious. Very much so.

Douglas E. Castle for The Braintenance Blog, The Internationalist Page Blog and The Taking Command Blog.

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