Monday, November 12, 2012

Meditation: Program Yourself For Success

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Self-hypnosis, NLP, future visualization, subliminal suggestion and the notion of The Law Of Attraction may or may not be part of your belief system. I know that many of our readers of The Braintenance Blog are quite skeptical about anything that they cannot examine fully with their conscious senses -- even then they tend to be doubtful. There is nothing wrong with belief systems, unless they inhibit your self-growth, professional development, achievement of your objectives or your happiness. In such cases, subtle re-programming can and does work wonders.

The secret lies in the ability to open your mind, suspend conditioned disbelief, and simply enjoy the experience. While great expectations are wonderful, they can set you up for disappointment.

My preferred approach is to 'let the experience take me wherever it will,' and to just permit myself to let whatever happens happen.

The best expectation orientation is to just enjoy the just let it enter you.

After reading the small print on the image below, click on it and listen to a very relaxing imagination exercise in future visioning (provided by Real Subliminal)

Toward the end of the pleasant little mind excursion there is a gentle, no-stress sales discussion. Listen to that as well. You'll find the speaker's voice continuing to be relaxing, without disturbing your mood in the slightest.

Take a bit of time for yourself - Just YOU - And enjoy this audio visual presentation. If you are like I am, you will enjoy the experience more, if you fully relax, eyes closed and just focus in on the voice...Just the voice.

Do try it. Evening seems to work best, and as with all programs such as this one, don't drive or do anything requiring coordination or sharp judgment until a good 15 minutes after the mind journey has ended.

I hope that you've enjoyed your brief journey. While you're in the neighborhood, click on some of the tabs on the home page [right under the blog title heading] and find yourself some mind calisthenics (brain training exercises) to play with.

Your mind is a muscle - the more you exercise it, the more powerful it becomes.

Thank you as always for reading me! :-)

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