Monday, November 26, 2012

Meditation: Instant, Quick, FREE AlphaBreak!

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We frequently need to de-stress, relax, clear our minds of chaotic debris, gain a fresh perspective and regain a fresh, energized creative perspective. Each of us needs a clean refresh and full emotional and psychological reset to be at his or her best If you are a follower or reader of The Braintenance Blog, I would suggest you bookmark this page, because you're going to use this meditation recording at least three times a day - and if your need it, perhaps a fourth or fifth time.

The recording takes less than 10 minutes each time, but its effects are amazing -- and you can listen to it without headphones, antennae or an aluminum foil hat in the quiet of your home or office.Consider it to be a quick sanity kit.

Rid your weary mind of burdensome anxiety or the fugue state induced by the upcoming year-end audit, guessing at your bonus, pre-holiday Christmas gift panic, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Return-That-Junk Tuesday [a Lingovation], the blues, the blahs, the feeling of seasonal pressure. Reclaim your life and your joy by using this nifty meditation tape.

The optimal times to listen to this brief but powerful "rewing your mind" tape are right before bedtime (when your mind is drifting off toward pre-sleep -- the hypnogogic susceptible state), as soon as you wake up in the morning (when your mind is in a suggestive hypnopompic state) at lunchtime, before youve eaten, and any other time when you are beginning to feel frustrated and you mind is "heating up" and rebelling against know -- when facts become more elusive and problem-solving stops becoming a challenge and starts becoming emotionally and intellectually paralytic.

Enjoy this tape as often as you like: And remember, favorite this page and post this whole darn article to all of your social media sites.

Incidentally, it is also excellent to play before important meetings, presentations and even negotiations. The download link follows. Start using this meditative reset today.

Thank you for reading me, retweeting me, and for paying this wonderful gift forward to friends, colleagues, contacts and the enormous ranks of persons whom you've not met, but whom you may indeed be destined to meet.

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