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Be Yourself: Paradox Of Objectivity. [Brain Versus Mind?]

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Being Yourself - The Ultimate Challenge... A Paradoxical Puzzle. This incredibly strenuous introspective and reflective exercise requires a Braintenance Strain that will, if you'll allow it, elevate you to a new level of reasoning and a higher state of awareness and consciousness. We'll call it "The Paradox Of The Self Upon Reflection." It is a never-ending exercise which causes the essence of you as an unidentified, unattached, disembodied, ego-absent observer, to continually evolve. It is ultimately transcendental. It builds a newer power of intellect both analytically and emotionally.

Try to envision your mind (not your brain, but the electromagnetic, biochemical and mysterious "animator" which operates it at different levels to accomplish different things) as a fantastic machine which works at each or all of these settings in varying degrees:

1) The Unconscious Mind: This layer is purely for sustenance, is geared to the central nervous system and does not produce anything short of certain signals to certain part of the body to keep you alive. It does not create or ruminate - it is highly mechanical, and physically reflexive;

2) The Subconscious Mind: This layer is where all of your robotic programs and memories are stored, and it tends to fight with your conscious efforts to achieve things. L. Ron Hubbard (in a rare moment of genius) referred to it as the "reactive mind." It tends to remember failures and contradict your conscious efforts. It is like the mind of a child, and unless properly programmed, holds you a prisoner of your failures and disappointments of the past. In fact, it keeps you most comfortable repeating this undesirable but programmed shortcomings. It must be programmed constantly to keep your conscious goals and innermost desires within reach. It suppresses successes [rhyme time? Nein.] and causes most subtle but powerful emotional stresses. It is permanently childish, but has a giant capacity for full sensory memory;

3) The Conscious Mind: The component of mind that is thinking, working, deciding, reacting, and creates the world, or your perception of the world, which you carry with you. It let's you read, write, be entertained, converse, but it is an instrument -- but not the artist playing it. In most of us, it senses things around us, and we identify the notion of "self" with it. Yet it is the mind thinking on its own for the most part;

4) The Superconscious or Ubermind: This is the notion of you standing outside yourself as a detached but dedicated observer...watching what you do as if you were a third party. This is the mind that is representative of you watching yourself. It makes itself a part of the world around you looking at how you conduct yourself. This is the captain, or pilot of the other layers of mind. It is, in philosophical theory, the ultimate controller of all of the other levels, if you find it, focus upon it, and float free of your other layers. It is a part of you that can look at you from any angle and separate itself from you if you know how to will it to do so. This Superconscious looks down upon you as you live your life and interact with your environment.

Persons claiming experiences with astral projection, out of body experiences, and near-death experiences have reported experience this kind of detached observation. Much research was done on the whole out-of-body liberation experience by Robert A. Monroe, the fellow who they named the Monroe Institute after. These types of detachment sensations have also been induced externally by deploying such catalysts as various psychedelic and hallucinogenic drugs, such as LSD, DMT, peyote buttons and other phytochemicals, mostly tryptamines.

5) Then there may be the collective consciousness that many sociologists and psychologists use to explain phenomena such as spontaneous and simultaneous breakthroughs, instant revelations, clairvoyance and many other things which the proponents of the paranormal , Rosicrucians, and other groups reference in their writings and doctrines.

Getting back to the theme of "Being Yourself," we Braintenancers see the oddest paradox -- in order to know who you are and who you should be, would mean that you would have to detach your Superconscious objective mind from all of the other layers of mind in order to view yourself somewhat objectively... and wouldn't that require either losing the notion of the creature we were observing as being anything more than a reactive robot, or getting the notion that when we step outside of ourselves through meditative observational detachment, there is no longer any self at all.

Think about it. The more you think about this, and the more you focus on being an outside, detached observer of your own actions, the more brilliant, yet peaceful you will become. This is the perhaps the highest level of consciousness you can obtain -- and in the process, the identity of you as a being, fades away.

As any accomplished sufi.

See you soon.

Douglas E. Castle for The Braintenance Blog

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