Monday, May 6, 2013

The Single Most Important Thing About You.

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It is quite an awe-inspiring legacy, viewed from a grand perspective. You have such a rich history encoded in your unique DNA. I wish that we could actually read that book together, chapter by chapter, from end (today) to beginning (the first murmurings and grunts of our species). It took such an amazing journey to bring you here. And now that you have arrived, no one other person in the world could take your place or assume the amazing work of being you. You were bred for being something unique. And you are instilled with such amazing genetic memory. Draw upon your instincts, intuition and dreams to draw this memory forth.
Let us simply look at the math regarding Bearers Of The Torch who participated in the amazing process which brought it to you.

Bearers Of Your Torch - The Number Of Torchbearers (Genetic Predecessors And Contributors To Your Genetic Composition) Leading Up To The Miracle Of Your Birth:

Parents        2
Grandparents     4
Great Grandparents  8
Ten Generations Ago    1,024
Fifteen Generations Ago   32,768
Twenty Generations Ago       1,048,576
Twenty Five Generations Ago     33,554,432

The odds of your becoming the unique Human Being whom you've become are incalculably small! Miniscule. You are incredibly unique in the Universe. You are irreplaceable. Just look at the overwhelming odds against your becoming you!

NOTE: The above calculations were done on a terrific exponential calculator which can be found at

Thank you for being who you are. You are a miracle, with an unfathomable legacy of generations of torchbearers before you. You are completely and thoroughly unique. You are irreplaceable. Be You. The balance of our native planet Earth depends upon you, and the choices that you alone will make and the things that you will accomplish -- even the teachings and stories you tell to others may become legendary some day.  Everyone you interact with will carry a bit of your light forward to future generations.

With every second, you make the future, and you affect all of Humankind. - Douglas E. Castle

By the way, the single most important thing about you is the way you use the torch - whether you use it to burn things down, or to light the way to greatness.

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Douglas E. Castle

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