Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Building Bigger, Better Brains Rapidly - Truly LIMITLESS!

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Firstly, please have a look at some of these fantastic articles related to limitless mental capacity, clarity, cognition and some associated hazards -- remember MK-Ultra? -- have you seen the movie "Jacob's Ladder"? The truth was worse...

Something NEW!

My purpose in writing this blog is to provide readers with my focus, opinion and commentary on certain events, paradigm shifts, important trends, and possible future scenarios -- as well as ways to provide for them, either by positively exploiting them or by exercising the most effective damage control. My writing is for my readers, but it is inadequate in terms of comprehensive coverage on the general categories of subject matter being discussed. I will now offer you much more than ever before. And yes, cousin Frankie, it’s still free.

Henceforth [snobby word, eh?] I'll be posting more article links to this site, as well as whole weekly newspapers or curated collections of articles to this site covering interesting news items gathered from all media to provide every reader with a broader, better view than just my own. While my original articles will continue to be posted, these weekly reviews will lend some needed external perspective to the things that I'm speaking about, and will cover areas where I haven't focused my own attention as an author and an executive. I also feel that views which are not necessarily my own must be given fair representation. My readers are intelligent enough to decide which views are the most sensible, and who they can best believe.

As always, thank you for reading me, and for sharing my articles and other materials with your networks of contacts, colleagues and friends across the ever-increasing variety of social networks through your bookmarking, toolbars and other sharing tools.

A first sampling of this new information follows right beneath my signature and the list of search terms for this article. Please read it, and I hope that you truly enjoy it.

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