Thursday, March 13, 2014

StartUps, Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses - Our Patriotic Powerhouses!

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Help Startups, Entrepreneurial Enterprises and Small Businesses to Bring Back Productivity, Technology, Industry, Real Jobs... And The American Dream!

SelekTron Innovation Assistance (visit our site, as well as our GoFundMe Page) is in the process of putting together a fabulously interactive, centralized and complete resource, toolshed (more like an arsenal!) and advice center for these fledgling enterprises. Did you know that the small business sector (in 2013) was responsible for 55% of all American jobs, and 66% of all of our US domestic revenue? Yet you don't hear about the government giving them a bailout. We want to create a highly communication-friendly site that will ultimately be the "go to" virtual helpdesk and services provider for these little engines which have made this country great, We need your help -- even small contributions. You can contribute either on the Go Fund Me Site (which uses WePay to process contributions), or directly on our preliminary website (which uses your old friend PayPal to process transactions).  Even if your contribution is $5.00 or $10.00, is will be your investment in patriotism and free enterprise.

Our campaign is new, but when we've built our machine, we will have assisted these little gems of  businesses (which now have a failure rate of between 70% -80%!) in surviving, thriving, growing and creating opportunities, industries, careers and the rebirth of the US industrialized ingenuity that have always made me proud to be an American. Give and contribute as much as you can, and spread the word amongst your colleagues, friends and connections. We cannot afford to fail. Of course, depending upon the level of contribution (from $5.00 to $100.00), you get some highly ego-enhancing goodies. Please help all of America's private sector bring back production, jobs, and support the value of our US Dollar and Flag. Thank you. Give as much as you can, either on the website (we use PayPal) or on the GoFundMe site, which uses WePay -- a highly secure processor, but not as well known.

Give yourself something to be proud of. Instead of a cup of coffee, or a movie, or an ugly airport tie, invest some of your hard-earned money in empowering the brave venture sponsors, innovators, inventors, game-changers and garage-officed brain trusts who will be tomorrow's big businesses -- if you and I give them a chance. The greatest return on investment is the small amount that you place in the hands of these workhorses; they don't waste that money on perks -- they squeeze the maximum value out of every penny. Nobody is spoiled. Everyone is grateful. Thank of how much good your spare change or your sacrificed after dinner drinks and extra helpings of dessert will do. You'll be a healthier happier Human Being and a contributor to the best cause in the world. The magic that turns visions and diagrams into real products and services. Join us. We need you. This country needs you.

Douglas E. Castle
For The Global Futurist

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