Friday, April 4, 2014


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Hello. If you’ve not yet joined “Colleagues Of Douglas E. Castle” on Sgrouples, you’re invited to do so by creating an account (ultra private inmail/email and Discussion Group, being run like a private club or community) at If you’ve already established your account, be certain to go to your Dashboard Page, go to “My Privacy Email” and click on (and choose) your “Notification Preferences”. Our group is a combination of the most secure email that you can access (check you inbox daily, or have your notifications forwarded to you) from member to member, combined with a Discussion Group [voluntary] which will have a completely practical focus: Members discussing specific business needs with other members. No theory. No selling or spam. Just requests and responses. It will be a great group -- I promise that much! Discussion posting guidelines will be posted within the next three days, so that we’re all of a similar mind. Thank you. - Douglas E. Castle
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