Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Weird Tricks To Improve Memory

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Most people struggle with either short-term memory or long-term memory... or sometimes both. It seems that as we age, we both lose the ability to spontaneously memorize (maybe our minds "feel" overcrowded), and to recall that which we have memorized but "archived" somewhere which may appear to be inaccessible. Some simple , albeit weird braintenance tricks can absolutely enhance both your immediate and longer-term memory as well as your ability to access data filed away in your mind.

The key methods to memory enhancement are simple:

1) repetition and usage of new data;
2) focusing on pictures of pages instead of on their content (to build eidetic recall);
3) creating silly, offbeat stories involving the data in their order of appearance.

A wonderful TED session follows to provide you with some interesting insight into how some of these simple tricks can make you a memory master. Enjoy this presentation, and then see how many of these sequences you can remember after a one-minute review of each; as you improve, the time it takes to embed sequences of items in memory will decrease, and you become a faster and faster memorizer, with an ever-improving degree of accuracy!

Douglas E. Castle for The Braintenance Blog

1) Apple, Elephant, Snake, Building, Ball, Bicycle, Cards, Run, Alarm, Pickle.

2) 11, 48, 36, 99, 87, 15, 0, 8, 32, 90.

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