Friday, July 3, 2015

Meditation : Living In The Moment - Braintenance - Douglas E. Castle

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One of the keys to eliminating anxiety, depression and distraction is the meditative exercise of living in the moment. Doing this requires that you focus intently on all of the myriad sensations which you are experiencing in a single moment of conscious living.

This is a challenge for most individuals, who are more accustomed to ruminating over the past or anticipating the future. Even the most intelligent persons (and certainly all followers and dedicated practitioners of Braintenance) are preoccupied with thoughts which are "out of sync" with the living, full-sensory experience of the present moment.

While the meditative exercise of present-moment living will not, per se, increase your mental magnitude and specific sets of thinking and problem-solving brain skills, it will indirectly benefit your thought processing mechanisms by allowing your overly-conscious mind to take a brief vacation from excessive cerebration. The mind, as any other muscle, needs its rest.

Try to take just five to ten minutes daily to focus intently upon every feeling of your mind and body while conducting a simple rote task. Focus consciously upon the sight, smell, visual picture, physical feeling and other basic but ever-present (and too often ignored) "feelings" of your experience in that present moment. With true present-moment focus and practice, you will find that the constant background noise of your out-of-sync, past-related and future-anticipated thinking will dissipate.

Fans of Braintenance -- this daily meditation is absolutely worth the effort, as it can help to prevent mental fatigue and burnout, while eliminating negative stress. Now (he said paradoxically), stop thinking about doing it and just do it!

Thank you as always for reading me.

Douglas E. Castle for The Braintenance Blog

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