Monday, July 13, 2015

Memorization Exercises To Boost Brainpower -- Braintenance -- Douglas E. Castle

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Memorizing and being able to repeat certain types of sentences does more than build up your facility for rote memorization. The improvement in simple recall is actually the least of it! Memorizing the sentences which follow will strengthen your ability to visualize, organize and to think creatively. Memorize each of the seven sentences (or groups of sentences) which follow, one at a time. Then recite each one aloud several times. Get smarter, make more associative connections and have a bit of neural plasticity on the house! Ahoy, Braintenancers:

1) Let me repeat your order. You bought twenty apples, thirty oranges and fifteen bananas which you paid for using your Discover Card.

2) The parties agree that due to the many variables surrounding each business transaction that will occur because of this agreement, the commission to be paid between the parties may vary.

3) Contrarians don't generally agree with veterinarians who refuse to treat planarians with microscopic plantar warts.

4) She ran into the bathroom, slipped on the wet floor and fell downward, hitting her head on the side of the porcelain bathtub.

5) Can you tell me where the coffee cans can be hidden? Are they beneath the begonias in Mr. Brighton's flower bed?

6) He longed for lodging near the lakeside lounge area where his paramour was enjoying her pajama-clad paradise and pretending that those about her were not staring.

7) Two times seven equals fourteen, but if you add an additional six to the mix the total sum will soon become twenty, and as if that weren't plenty, if you multiply by three the result will be sixty.

Good luck with these, my fellow (and lady) Brainiacs. Do these Braintenance exercises and feel your cranial vault crawling with newly-inspired activity.

As always, thank you for reading me.

Douglas E. Castle for The Braintenance Blog 

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