Monday, March 23, 2009

BRAINTENANCE QUIZ: 3/26/09 -3/30/09

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Dear Friends:

Before we start our program for today, I would like to provide you with the answers to a few of the questions in the last quiz:

1. Find a synonym for the word "lucrative". profitable
2. Find an antonym for the word "opulent". plush; evidencing wealth
3. How old were you 23 years ago?
4. What was your first telephone number?
5. Why does a plank of wood float in the ocean, while a bowling ball will generally sink? The plank of wood is less dense than the bowling ball, and is also constructed in a shape that thins its mass out to allow floatation, whereas the bowling ball is super-dense and has al of its mass concentrated.
6. What's the next number in this series: 0.5, 0.25, 0.125 ....? 0.0625
7. What's the next letter combination in this series: AC, BD, EG .....? FH
8. What's the next number in this series: 100, 1, 99 ......? 2
10. In what business is a staple a staple? Two answers: every a stationery store.
11. In what occupation or pursuit is it seen as beneficial to lose? Dieting
12. What's the next combination in this series: ABC, BCD, CDE.... ? DEF
Extra Credit: Does the surface area of your brain increase or decrease with each acquired convolution (wrinkle)? It increases.

And now, to today's puzzles, mind-benders, conundrums and brain-wrinklers...

1. Sid is four years younger than his brother Gordon. Their combined ages are 36. In five years, their combined ages will be Sid's current age plus thirty. How old is Gordon? (trivia bonus: and where's papa?);

2. A truck carrying a cargo of 10,000 pounds of gravel is traveling down a bumpy road. The truck (which is old, and which was formerly owned by Fred Sanford, who didn't take good care of it) loses 15 pounds of gravel per mile. How far will the truck have traveled by the time its remaining cargo weighs 9,750 pounds?

3. The same truck (as in the previous question) had traveled 40 miles prior to its cargo being reduced to 10,000 pounds. How much did its original cargo weigh?

4. The same truck eventually is down to a cargo weight of 9,000 pounds, at which point it begins to lose an additional 2.5 pounds of gravel per mile every 10 miles. How much will the truck weigh when it has traveled an additional 30 miles?

5. How many ways can you rearrange 8 statues in a row?


Douglas Castle

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