Thursday, May 28, 2009

BRAINTENANCE 5/28/09 - 6/3/09

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RECALL TRIGGERS - Access to to memories and feelings past.

Dear Friends:


It is interesting to note that the two most powerful stimuli ("triggers") to create full and vivid sensorial recall happen to be 1) the olfactory sense -- your sense of smell...the scent of an old perfume, cologne, a favorite childhood food, certain flowers...and 2) music...both instrumental and vocal.

If these two forces are properly incorporated in any therapy session, form of entertainment, or presentation, the efficacy of the communication will be heightened. Human beings are uncanny in this way; we mark the most significant moments in our lives with ambient music and fragrances.

Ironically, these are stimuli which are actually processed by the most primitive parts of our brain. This also explains how a person can be moved to tears when hearing an old melody, or how an individual can find himself (or herself) mysteriously attracted to a new love who happens to wear the same fragrance as had been worn by a a love long past. The mechanics of memory are truly amazing.

--Douglas Castle
I have heard rumors that some of our readers needed a serious challenge. As Uncle Ned would have said, "Try deeze on fer size." Here you are, folks:

1. What is the sum of the numbers from 20 to 1,000, inclusive?

2. Counting by tens, what is the sum of the numbers from 10 to 5,000, inclusive?

3. If a bank account bears interest at 5% annually (compounded each year), approximately how long will it take for the account to grow to 2.5 times its original size?

4. If Barry (not his real name, which is actually Paul DiPalma, but I would never reveal that in a blog posting) loses 2% of his body weight per year, and he starts his diet and fitness regimen at a weight of 280 lbs., how much will he weigh at the end of 5 years?

5. Cousin Vladimir, recently home from the Gulag, has decided that it would be fun to play Russian Roulette. He takes his trusty six-shooter (a revolver), and places one bullet in one of the chambers, and spins the barrel around a few times. He then aims at this foot and proceeds to shoot, with perfect aim:

What is the probability of his shooting himself on the first shot?

If he does not shoot himself on the first shot, what is the probability that he will succeed on the second shot?

If he does not shoot himself during his first two attempts, what is the probability that he will succeed on the third shot?

What is the probability that he will not shoot himself during five consecutive attempts?

What is the probability that he will shoot himself during five consecutive attempts?

If he had instead placed two bullets in the chambers, how would it have changed each of your answers in the questions above?

6. A colony of bacteria reproduces and doubles its size every 12 hours. After 144 hours, how many times larger will the population be than when the growth measurement process first started?

7. A student is working on a term paper which is required to be five typewritten double-spaced pages in length. Since this student is less than enthusiastic about the project, and wishes to write as little as possible, he determines that his three-page paper could be expanded to five pages if he adjusted the left and right margins. By what percentage would he have to expand each margin in order to stretch his text to meet the five-page requirement?

*Spend some time watching some of the meditation videos above, and give yourself a break from hearing all of the news about the economy, North Korea's rocket tests, American Idol controversies, and other difficult things that we are forced to contend with from day-to-day.



Douglas Castle

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