Thursday, May 7, 2009


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Dear Friends:

It is important to understand how we think.

The inherent paradox in evaluating one's own thought processes is a tricky business...but given desire, focus and dedicated practice, most any person can become more "in tune" with himself or herself.

The rewards of understanding your mind's innermost workings (and the reaction formation that is driven by the mind in general, and by the subconscious more specifically) are tremendous. With this intimate albeit somewhat biased knowledge, we can be proactive, and we can actually intervene when our thinking tends to be unhealthy or damaging and correct its course.

What awe-inspiring power! To know one's one mind, is to be able to control one's thoughts, actions and destiny! This is truly amazing.

Please read more. The following is excerpted from one of my tweetings on Twitter, which is as mind-numbing as it is addicting:

douglascastle DOUGLAS CASTLE We spend too much time mired in the past and worried about the future The present is stolen! Reclaim it. from web.

You should not just think about thinking about your thinking. You should think about your thinking without a second thought. When you think that you are thinking about what you are thinking, then indeed you are. You cannot think thoughtlessly -- if you could, you would not have any responsibility for your actions.

Give the matter some thought.


Douglas Castle


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