Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BRAINTENANCE: June 23, 2009 - PUNS

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Yes indeed, friends:

I am back from my vacation, with a simple exercise for you. It requires several steps, but it is a worthwhile and rewarding pursuit -- I promise you.

Learning puns and inventing puns expands your recall, increases your associative intelligence, improves your command of the language and makes you into a more attentive listener and learner. Puns, once regarded (like Limericks) were once regarded as silly or "lowbrow humor."

How wrong! Puns help other people remember what we have said (and make them more inclined to repeat it, paying it forward), demonstrate our superior command of our native language, and provide endless entertainment and stimulation. The humor inherent in a well-crafted pun does not deter from its educational value to both the teller (oftimes, the "Punster") and the listener.

1. Look up PUNS on your favorite search engine.

2. Memorize several puns.

3. Invent several puns.

Please feel free to pun-ish me with your responses either by commenting on this post (see below), or by emailing me at douglas.castle@yahoo.com. If you choose to email me, please be certain to put the words "BRAINTENANCE PUNS" in the subject of your email.


Douglas Castle

p.s. Please look for my posts about twice weekly instead of daily. What was I thinking?


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