Saturday, June 13, 2009

MULTIPLE MINDS - Exponentiality

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Dear Friends:

I'm still on vacation. Ponder the following while you take a well-deserved break from problem-solving [as a matter of fact, your mind is always engaged in problem-solving...while you're awake...while you're dreaming; your thinking mechanism is not unlike a perpetual motion machine]:

"Followers are good...Participants are great... but Partners are even better. #TNNW #Braintenance." - from a Twitter post.

My comment: Good relationships are not merely additive (i.e., "let's put our heads together"); they are multiplicative. Intelligence can grow geometrically/ exponentially in a cohesive and cooperative group. Think of the notion of the MasterMind. Can you imagine the intellectual capacity of a creature whose every brain cell was, in fact, an entire mind? A successful team, group, partnership or organization is successful because it functions as a MasterMind.

Now, try to stop thinking about that...


Douglas Castle

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