Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hand Caught In The Cookie Jar? - The Three Favored Strategies.

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Hand Caught In The Cookie Jar? - The Three Favored Strategies.

Written by Douglas Castle, and originally published in TAKING COMMAND! (http://takingcommand.blogspot.com/)

Dear Friends and Worthy Opponents:

One learns a great deal by studying the antics of politicians and public figures when a scandal begins to unfold about them. I have found that there are three predominant menas through which these pressured, self-important persons address allegations of moral turpitude, and things far worse -- especially when these allegations are true. Here are the three:

1. DENIAL AND DEFLECTION ("D and D") - This strategy is generally short-lived, as it might buy the user some time, but the truth (sadly) persists. The objective is to not only deny the allegations, but to become angry and indignant at the "outrageousness" of the allegations. This must be immediately following by pointing the finger back at the "accusers" and raising the spectre of a political conspiracy by adversarial interests, a vendetta, a means of taking the public's attention away from the wrongdoing of the accusers, themselves.

Exemplary User: Bill Clinton

2. FLAMEBACK AND COUNTERATTACK ("The Big F") - This is the strategy where the user absolutely admits to what he is accused of, claims that it was necessary and justified (usually by greater interests, such as The National Security, etc.), accuses the accusers of being weak, foolish, unpatriotic, traitorous or worse. The user is adamant, and expresses no regrets. He insinuates that anyone who would find fault with his actions, given the "circumstances" is an "enemy of democracy," or "enemy of the people," or an "enemy of progress."

Exemplary Users: George W. Bush, Dick Cheney

3. ADMISSION, APOLOGY AND WITHDRAWAL ("AAW") - This is the strategy where the user admits to the accusations, apologies to his family in a press conference, and withdraws from public service because he either a) does not want any scandal to interfere with the higher directives of his former office, sport, team, etc., or because b) he does not want his family to be tormented and harrassed by news reporters, investigators and other persons who would seek to capitalize (i.e., to earn a living or win a conviction) on his misdeeds. It's always good to do things for the protection of one's beloved family.

Exemplary Users: Too many to mention ... but keep watching the news about politicians who have either fibbed or misled others about their heroic military service... or those who have had a tryst or two with an intern or subordinate...

People are truly fascinating. Especially when high-stakes positions and scandals are involved.


Douglas Castle

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