Friday, June 11, 2010

Braintenance - Things to be frightened about.

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Dear Friends:

The answer to the last problem (last post) is 7.

Try this:

7 x 7 = 49

49 + 7 = 56

56/4 = 14.

...and we all know that 14 = 7 x 2.


The Great Divide Widens - The Deadly Three.

Dear Friends:

There have always been several unspoken but intuitively understood dividers between the "rich" and the "poor"...

1) The actual average wealth per capita amongst the rich versus the actual average wealth per capita of the poor;

2) The median difference (disparity) in actual average wealth per capita amongst the rich versus the actual average wealth per capita of the poor;

3) The number of poor individuals in a society versus the number of rich individuals in a society. 

In the wake of every financial catastrophe in history, each of the above three measures has increased. In simple terms, the rich become a smaller percentage of the population but with a tremendous increase in their collective and individual wealth, while the poor become a larger percentage of the population, but with a tremendous decrease in their collective and individual wealth.

Also, most of the "middle class" (the bedrock, social buffer and glue of most any civilization) join the ranks of the poor -- very, very few remain "middle class," while only the tiniest fraction join the elitist ranks of the rich.

NOTE: As the middle class fades away, so do longer-term economic prosperity and near-term social civility. The seeds of revolution and violent upheaval are sown with the elimination of the middle class.

I've done my duty. Now you've all been warned. Have a nice day.



Douglas Castle
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