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News On Anti- Aging Programs at 06.13.2010

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This article was originally posted on LINKS 4 LIFE ( by Douglas Castle on June 13, 2010.

NOTE: The information which follows is NOT intended to be, nor should it be construed by the reader as medical, healthcare, or nutritional advice. Before embarking on any system of exercise, and nutrient protocol or taking any medications (whether prescription, over-the-counter, or nutritionals, you should consult your principal heathcare practitioner to determine whether or not the action that you are contemplating would be appropriate for you, specifically, in considering your personal health conditions, possible negative side-effects associated with taking medicines or nutrients in conjunction with what you may already be taking either by prescription or over-the counter.

The US FDA has not passed on or endorsed the merits of taking any of the medications or nutritionals described in the article, not has it declared them as either safe or effective for the purposes indicated.  Neither LINKS 4 LIFE nor the author of this brief article endorse or warrant the effectiveness or safety of any of the substances described herein.

The information which follows was excerpted from a newsletter which I recently received from International Anti-Aging Systems, which is a seller of numerous purportedly nootropic and anti-aging drugs. Bear in mind that this information is provided as food for thought and for further reasearch only. No recommendations or healthcare suggestions are made hereby, and no endorsement of International Anti-Aging Sytems is made hereby. 
Build Your Own Anti Aging Program
What is the best way to tackle aging?

How can we prevent aging’s annoyances from becoming disorders and diseases?

We’ve done our best to simplify the answers for you by breaking down the protocols and products into 4 categories. We hope that you enjoy reading about this program and trust that you find great benefit from following its path. We all know that prevention is the best cure!

Due to the wide array of the theories of aging, it is best to “manage” your aging on several different levels. In order to simplify the process as much as possible, we’ve designed the ultimate optimal health pyramid. This comprises of four levels:
The ultimate optimal health pyramid visualizes the advantages of each stage, enabling you to “build” the strongest program for your own optimal health. In this way that the greatest long-term health benefits can be obtained.
Find out how to build your program here
END NOTE: The original hyperlinks from the above excerpt are left intact for your further information and exploration. IAS does provide some interesting information about nootropics, cognitive enhancement and anti-aging, but this information has not be validated by any US or international medical or nutritional rating, legislative, evaluative or regulatory body. Some of the drugs discussed may not be legal for import into the United States or other countries - if you choose, upon you physician's or other primary healthcare provider's approval, to order any of the items, be certain that you know about the legality concerning the importation and use, in your country, of any of the substances touted by this publication.

Faithfully yours (and may you live long and prosper),

Douglas Castle

p.s. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.
Douglas Castle
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