Tuesday, June 15, 2010

GICBC - The Time Is Now

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It is time to be a part of something world-changing; something that Matters. Let's MAKE the future together, instead of waiting for governments, banks and monopolists to “SAVE” us. Please show your support and be a part of the GICBC Movement. Join our Facebook Fan Page at http://bit.ly/GICBCfanpage . Read on:    


United, organized, and democratically self-governing, each of us will be secure, stronger and more prosperous. Working together collaboratively, our resources will grow exponentially, and we will achieve limitless accomplishments and success.

Through Membership in the GICBC, we will each reclaim our lost power…the power to control our own destinies, to realize our dreams and to build the future on our own terms.

Acting harmoniously, and joining our hearts, our hands and our minds, we become far greater than the sum of each of our Members – we have the voice, influence and towering presence of a Giant. And we need no longer be at the mercy of any institution with self-proclaimed authority over our lives, our freedoms and our fortunes.
*Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community.

It is crucial for initiators, innovators, entrepreneurs and emerging enterprises to join the GICBC (Global Interworked Cooperative Business Community) Movement by 1) becoming a Member of TNNWC [you are invited to join for free] at http://bit.ly/JoinTNNWC  and to show your support for the freedom and the growth of Human Entrepreneurial Potential by 2)  becoming a FAN on our Facebook Page at http://bit.ly/GICBCfanpage . Learn much more about the GICBC by visiting http://www.TheNationalNetworker.com  -- just use the navigation tool and click on GICBC.

Douglas Castle
Join my TNNWC Group, LLC collaborative business community (GICBC) at no cost by clicking on http://bit.ly/JoinTNNWC.

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