Sunday, July 11, 2010

Going Global - The Prune Brandy Solution

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Dear Friends:

Do you remember this question from several days ago? Your answers follow.

Dear Friends:

Let's go global. Here's a relatively simple question:

1. If a globe-shaped container has a capacity to hold 10 gallons of prune brandy, how many gallons of prune brandy would a similar globe-shaped container with a 50% larger diameter be able to hold? How about if the diameter were 100% larger (two times as large)?

2. What could the possible advantages of drinking prune brandy be? What might be a clever name for a prune brandy product be? "Loose Juice" has already been reserved. Sorry.


The Answer Man Cometh:

The formula for the volume of a globe or a sphere is 4/3Pi (r)^3. The radius (r) of a globe or sphere is one half of the diameter. If the diameter is doubled, the radius is automatically doubled. If the diameter is increased by 50%, the radius is increased by fifty%.  This increase in the radius is cubed (raised to the third power) in the volume formula.

For example, if the radius had been 8", it will now be 12".

In the formula, 4/3Pi(r)^3 = 10 gallons, we can solve for r^3:

r^3 = 3/4(Pi)(10)... can you take it from here? If not, we'll continue to the solution within the next two days. Please don't change the channel!


Douglas Castle

Douglas Castle
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