Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shades Of Meaning - Perception and Reception

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Dear Friends:

How you translate your thoughts into words can be the difference between making a point or losing a point; forming an alliance or starting a feud; between having followers follow you with lighted touches to storm the palance, or having them tie you up and place you one the pyre. Words can free us, or they can imprison us. Words can inspire or deflate. Choose your words carefully. Every word matters. Every word carries a measure of meaning. Shades of meaning are subtle differences which can dramatically change how you are perceived, or how your message is received.

What are the key differences between the following word pairs in terms of 1) how the speaker will be perceived, and 2) how his or her message will likely be interpreted:

  • Involved vs Committed;
  • Eager vs Anxious;
  • Desperate vs Determined;
  • Problem vs Challenge:
  • Hurdles vs Barriers;
  • I need you -vs- I want you;
  • "Think what you want" -vs- "I'm sorry that I haven't made myself clear to you."
  • Integrity vs Loyalty
  • Stupidity vs Ignorance of the Facts

Douglas Castle

p.s. Remember "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me?" Bones heal fairly rapidly -- an angry insult born or disappointment said by a parent to a child can take the better part of a lifetime to heal.

Words heal. Words hurt. When somebody says, "Aw, those are just words," he or she is in either in a blissful state of ignorance in matters of psychology...or in a learned defensive state of denial.

Douglas Castle
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