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The Five Types Of Threatening Personalities - Identify Them And Prepare Yourself

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Identify Them and Prepare Yourself

Written by Douglas Castle for Taking Command! at

Ironic Note: You come into contact with all five types almost daily.

Observation: These types of personalities are ultimately either institutionalized, or become powerful role-models, cult-leaders or business magnates. Extremes.

Examples: BOLO ("Be On The LookOut") ALERT - spend a day commingling with a nice, mixed group of people, and you will see each of these types represented -- I'll let you sort out which is which.

Vigilance: Each of us has harbors each of these propensities to some extent. We control them, we contain them, but sometimes a major life event pushes these demons into positions of dangerous control within us.

Dear Readers:

The people whom we are inclined to fear, and who, sadly come to dominate our lives and the world in which we live are categorized below. Learn to recognize them, to either avoid or counterstrike them, and to navigate a world filled with a far greater percentage of them in the Human population than we would care to believe. But then, Taking Command assumes and requires that we recognize reality, accept it, findways to contend with it, and, to the extent which we are able, to change that reality to conform to our standards.

The cast of characters:

1. The violent psychotic, filled with paranoic delusions, feeling persecuted and injured, and perceiving constant threats. If he is outspoken and articulate, he may become a cult leader or a folk legend. If he cannot interact at all with others, he will commit acts of violence (homicidal and suicidal), and be incarcerated or otherwise institutionalized if his family lacks sufficient resources to keep him clear of the System's web;

2. The sociopath who can be charming as needed but will do whatever he requires in order to manipulate people and circumstances to his advantage. He is unencumbered by a conscience, is an imaginative and convincing liar, and he can always justify, within himself, the damages he causes to others. He is driven by selfishness;

3. The scheming plotters and planners who are quite visibly malevolent, but who are obsessed with their own success and gain, almost as they are obsessed with hurting others in the process. They do not use guile and charm. They are often obvious about their motives (no matter how savage or socially unacceptable), and they will do whatever it takes to achieve them. They do not care about convincing others -- they are insularly self-righteous, and driven by a combination of needing to dominate and needing to inflict pain -- to sacrifice others in the interest of personal gain is the optimal amalgam of both motivations;

4. The abusive, opportunistic energy vampire. These are people who will impose upon you (often using flattery, deceitfulness, pity) to do things for them. Their principle objective is transfer their burdensome responsibilities onto you, and to pay you in the most valueless currency possible in return. There is no meaningful exchange or reciprocity offered. These people also like to get free samples, terminate relationships when they become obligated to begin making payment, fail to repay debts, complain endlessly about how they "counted on you but you disappointed them," bend your ear with their tales of hardship and woe, and become notably scarce when their help or efforts are required.

5. The socially-disconnected psychopath who does not even comprehend the notion of consequences resulting from his actions, takes brazen risks (often due to an unreasonable lack of fear, combined with compulsiveness to address his immediate needs), and has a depraved indifference to the suffering of others. He is completely indifferent. There is no bargaining with him. He does not have any awareness, much less a conscience, regarding life or property. He lives in the compulsive present, with no connection to the future, or to other living creatures. For this individual, there is no wrong or right -- there is only hunger, and a need to quickly satisfy it.

Learn to recognize these potentialities in others, and learn to see them in yourself, as well.

Conclusion: Know who you really are (understand yourself with as much critical objectivity as is humanly possible), see others for whom they really are, are use this knowledge to optimize your personal productivity as well as your interactions with 0thers.


Douglas Castle

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Resources: There is a very interesting and entertaining blog about astrology and psychopathology which I happened upon, and which I highly recommend your taking a look at: While I am not an expert or a fully-convinced adherent to astrological analysis and prediction, I continue to keep an open mind...hopefully it won't evaporate.

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